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8 thoughts on “ Same Old Man - Bingo (15) - H-OM (CD, Album)

  1. The eighth note is the same as the first. ‘What do you think nine is the same as? You guessed it—2 is the same as 9, only 9 is an octave higher, So is how these numbers relate to the major scale.) ay 13) 9 is the same as 2 only an octave higher. 11 is the same as 4 only an octave higher. 13 is the same as 6 only an octave higher.
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  3. The same year saw the debut of “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” (–69), which to the surprise and chagrin of CBS evolved from hip to overtly political with appearances by antiwar performers like Pete Seeger, who had been blacklisted in the s; the show was abruptly canceled in April by CBS president William S. Paley.
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  6. Bingo: H-OM Bionaut, The: Lubricate Your Living-Room Birddog: A Sweet and Bitter Fancy Birddog: Songs from Willipa Bay Birdwatcher, The: Afternoon Tales From The Morning Never Knew Birdy NumNum: The Courtship of Birdy NumNum Bis: Return To Central Bitter, Bitter Weeks: Bitter, Bitter Weeks Bjork: Medulla Black Box Recorder: England Made Me.
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