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  1. Braille Institute’s library for the blind and visually impaired helps people of all ages with vision loss to enjoy braille books, audio books, talking books, etc. These books offered for the visually impaired are free of charge. Learn more.
  2. Russian Braille is the braille alphabet of the Russian language. With suitable extensions, it is used for languages of neighboring countries that are written in Cyrillic in print, such as Ukrainian and Mongolian. It is based on the Latin transliteration of Cyrillic, with additional letters assigned adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.xyzinfoges: Russian.
  3. / breɪl / a system of printing for blind people, in which each letter is represented as a raised pattern that can be read by touching it with the fingers: The book has been printed in six languages and in Braille.
  4. V5 Braille Embossers. The Index Braille embosser line offers high-speed embossing and exceptional braille quality at an affordable price. Read more. Tractor-fed braille printer Basic-D V5. Basic-D is a small and powerful braille embosser offering portable usage on continuous paper. Read More. Cut-sheet fed braille printer Everest-D V5.
  5. Braille is a code that enables us to read with our fingertips using a system of six raised dots. It was created in by a French boy named Louis Braille when he was just eleven years old. Today, Braille is used all over the world in many languages. Simply put, Braille is vital to literacy for the blind.
  6. Braille is a system of reading and writing in your language without the use of sight and enables people with blindness and visual impairments to read and write.
  7. Braille, universally accepted system of writing used by and for blind persons and consisting of a code of 63 characters, each made up of one to six raised dots arranged in a six-position matrix or cell. These Braille characters are embossed in lines on paper and read .
  8. The Braille system is a way of writing things. It is named after Louis Braille, the French man who invented it. The system is used by blind people to read and write. The Braille system uses a set of raised bumps or dots that can be felt with a finger.

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