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5 thoughts on “ Cant See The Stars

  1. Jan 28,  · It took a much longer exposure, nearly 8 seconds, to make Io’s self-light from its volcanoes visible to LORRI. Finally we have a long enough exposure to see stars in the background. In fact, I’ve used those stars to align the images; in this animation, stars hold still while Io moves around and New Horizons adjusts its pointing.
  2. Jul 27,  · I can see the stars From America I wonder, do you see them, too? So open your eyes and see The way our horizons meet And all of the lights will lead Into the night with me And I .
  3. Aug 08,  · No, you cannot see any stars in China. Usually you can't even see the sky, just a greyish yellow cloud. I always found the claims of the blue sky days amusing. Sometimes it gets so bad that you can't see much infront of you! Of course, even if the Chinese had a regard for their environment, you wouldn't see any stars because of all the city lights!
  4. Heck, the light pollution isn't even bad enough to /not/ see the ring nebula in an 8" reflector. So unless you live right under a neon sign, you should be able to see some stars. In typical street illumination and under a clear sky you will still see around 5 - 10 of the brightest stars .
  5. Fear not, though, you don't need a telescope to see the stars in the Davis Mountains; the state park is plenty dark enough for you to see them with the naked eye. 1. Big Bend Ranch State Park.

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