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8 thoughts on “ Type - LIVING COLOUR - Times Up (Cassette)

  1. type 1 tapes are the most common out there and still being made to this day. pic 1 is of a modern day type 1 tape. they may be marked normal bias on the packaging. type 1's are also known as ferrics to cassette tape enthusiasts. they are really nothing more than very finely ground rust mixed with some chemicals and stuck to a mylar plastic tape base. the tape itself can have a brown color.
  2. Tracklist Time's Up History Lesson Pride Love Rears Its Ugly Head New Jack Theme Someone Like You Elvis Is Dead Type Information Overload Under Cover Of Darkness Ology1 Fight The Fight Tag Team Partners Solace Of You This Is The Life
  3. Living Colour CD discography Artist's blues incorporate a myriad of influences, while speaking to the politically-charged climate of the times. 'Shade,' in its final outcome, is more of a deconstruction of the blues than an interpretation. 'Shade' is a testimony to who Artist is, to our chameleon quality.'.
  4. Jun 19,  · I've seen Living Colour many times, and they always put on a spectacular show. I would agree that Stain is the best sounding CD. Perfect for earphones. Especially for the amazing bass playing of Doug Wimbish, who can somehow coax sounds out of his bass that sound remarkably like R2D2! If I could compare them to any band, it would be Queen.
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  6. Nov 29,  · I just acquired a Tascam portastudio MKII 4 track recorder. In the manual it says I should be using 45 or 60 minute type II cassettes. Does anyone know anything about recording on cassette tapes and what the best tapes I could get would be. I saw some 30 minute type II TDK cassette tapes on ebay labelled as professional studio master tapes.
  7. Aug 06,  · I don’t recall deriving any pleasure from always having to roll chewed-up tape back into the cassette, but it’s important if you want an analog-world experience with your music.
  8. Aug 08,  · Well, you still have to set up Audacity, but don’t worry—it only takes a second. Set Up Audacity. Open Audacity and locate the microphone icon on the menu bar. Click the dropdown menu next to the microphone icon and choose your audio input. It should be listed as a “Line In” device. Play your audio cassette.

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