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9 thoughts on “ Why You (Original) - The Loose Cannons - Why You (CDr)

  1. Nov 24,  · You are not sure how loose cannons will react to something. They could get angry, losing their temper at the smallest thing. Now, let's hear how these words and expressions can be used.
  2. Loose cannon—that's how it's spelled—referred to an actual weapon before it entered the language as a metaphor. In the days before ships were equipped with fixed-turret guns, muzzle-loading cannons were mounted on wheels and rolled back and forth between gunports. A gun not properly secured could break loose either from the force of recoil.
  3. Loose Cannons is a American action comedy film, written by Richard Matheson, Richard Christian Matheson and Bob Clark, who also directed the adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.xyzinfo film is about a hard-nosed cop who is teamed up with a detective with multiple-personality disorder to uncover a long-lost Nazi sex tape, featuring Adolf Hitler, which would jeopardize the political future of the German chancellor-elect.
  4. Colorado can contain us no longer! We're climbing our eight itchy feet into "The Beast" and are hitting the road in search of greener, or more importantly, warmer pastures.
  5. Usually it puts you back into the same world if it logs you out, but it just sent me back to the main menu. Now i have to world hop til i find my cannon, and i can only do a few logins at a time because it doesn’t let you switch worlds indefinitely. Is there any way i can locate my cannon easier? Original Poster 1 point · .
  6. Loose cannon definition is - a dangerously uncontrollable person or thing. How to use loose cannon in a sentence.
  7. LOOSE CANNONS – Chapter 2 A Whateley novel by Bek D. Corbin The man known to Evan as ‘Mister Bland’ watched as his subordinates unloaded the last of the recovered materials from the warehouse and noted with dry irony that while they’d gotten back everything that was expensive, they’d lost everything that was adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.xyzinfo was trying to frame his report on the incident in such a way.
  8. May 11,  · Charged with finding the most exciting voices in international and independent film, Focus World is proud to present Loose Cannons a heartwarming comedy .
  9. In the days of sail, naval vessels mounted cannon carefully and purposefully rigged into positions which optimised the effect of their fire. Occasionally, the rigging of these very heavy guns might come loose, and with the vessel pitching about on high seas or during manuever in battle, the results for the ship and crew could prove catastrophic.

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