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5 thoughts on “ Some Jive Ass Wasting My Time- Mushroom - Dipstick - Dont Rewind (CD)

  1. Ya but what price do you pay 90% of your nerves are gone and you only got 10%. Some people who claim sex felt better after circumcision weren't exposed long enough for it to desensitize dramatically, it usually takes around 5 years +, And if you are one of those people who say sex feels way better uncut and have been for more then 5 years then you probably had something wrong with your.
  2. Only in the winter. or if you're dehydrated. or if you take acutane. or if its for more than like 30 minutes give or take. or if you're outside and its kind of windy out. Bring chapstick next time.
  3. Oct 10,  · The veiled stinkhorn mushroom. Get the risotto rice ready. It turns out that there is a mushroom that gives women instant orgasms and we think it should be available everywhere all the time.
  4. A smaller then average penis (but not freakishly small) with a large mushroom or toadstool shaped head.
  5. You can't. You can do pelvic exercises to strengthen the walls of your vagina, but nothing short of surgery will change how things look on the outside. Just as with men's penises, the appearance.

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